What's Popping LLC
What's Popping LLC

Entertainment Finder Near You

What's Popping LLC announces the launch of a new social networking platform. It is a real-time social networking platform where users can find info about popping venues in their area. Your phone works as a mobile detector to find excellent spots.

Handy Navigator

Tiffany loves trying out new bars, social events, and clubs in her area. Unfortunately for Tiffany, it was hard for her to find a place that she enjoys. However, a friend told her about What's Poppin App. What's Poppin' is a handy social networking real-time platform that will turn any phone into a mobile detector. It allows you to search for social events, clubs, and bars in the area you are located in. It also helps business owners to increase their online presence for the customers.

Multiple Features

We have included various features in the app that informs you about how busy an establishment is, gives you complete establishment details, updates, and the best nightclubs, sports bars, live music, etc. Our vision is to give the user the best and the most accommodating service. Hence we have built a great number of features for users to love and enjoy.

Real-Time Information

You can save a lot of time by adding pins, getting establishment directions, check establishment services, promotions, events, etc. With just one click on the phone, you will find the most happening event or club within your location. Our app also provides updates to users about their local area in real-time.

What's Popping LLC
What's Popping LLC

Easy Download

You can download the app by just with a single click and register using an email address. You can receive updates about social events happening near you instantly. You can browse through multiple events and venues. We also have a feature where you can see what others are saying about the event and the venue. You can also share reviews of various places within the app live.

Business Owner Friendly

Traveling out of state? No problem, the app uses your phone's current location to keep you updated about what's around you. Are you a business owner who's looking to have a better online presence and attract potential new customers? Simply sign up for a subscription and create a business account to list your venue or event in the What's Poppin App. Businesses can list their information, including phone numbers and addresses, as well as their services, promotions, events, and more. Business owners can also post pictures and videos to their page and allow users to message them through the app.

Area Coverage

Another exciting feature of the app is the map. Users will be able to see how many Poppin venues are within a 100-mile radius by seeing real-time heat signatures of the various venues in the app. Users can then click on the Poppin venue details to get more information.

4Square API List of Establishments

Arts & Entertainment

  • Circus

  • Comedy Club

  • General Entertainment

  • Laser Tag

  • Go Kart Track

  • Mini Golf

  • Music Venue

    • Jazz Club
    • Piano Bar
    • Rock Club
    • Live Music
    • Hip Hop Club
    • Country Club

  • Racetrack

  • Roller Rink

  • Salsa Club

  • Theme ParK

  • Event

    • Festival
    • Music Festival
    • Sporting Event
    • Street Fair
    • Trade Fair
    • Other Event

Nightlife Spot (All)

  • Bar

    • Beach Bar
    • Beer Bar
    • Beer Garden
    • Champagne Bar
    • Cocktail Bar
    • Dive Bar
    • LGBTQ Bar
    • Hookah Bar
    • Hotel Bar
    • Karaoke bar
    • Pub
    • Sake Bar
    • Speakeasy
    • Sports Bar
    • Tiki Bar
    • Whisky Bar
    • Wine Bar
    • Biker Bar

  • Brewery

  • Lounge

  • Night Market

  • Nightclub

  • Strip Club

  • Other Nightlife

Outdoor & Recreation

  • Athletics & Sports

    • Paintball Field
    • Basketball Court
    • State Park
    • Skating Rink
    • Sports Club

  • Beach

    • Nudist Beach
    • Surf Spot
    • Family beaches

  • Hot Spring

  • Indoor Play Area

  • Lake

  • Other Great Outdoors

  • Park

  • Pedestrian Plaza

  • Pool

  • Plaza

  • Playground

  • Recreation Center

  • Rock Climbing Spot

  • Scenic Lookout

  • State / Provincial Park

  • Vineyard

Professional & Other Places

  • Social Club

  • Professional setting

  • Winery

Shop & Service

  • Flea Market

  • Gaming Café

  • Outlet Mall

  • Outlet Store

  • Shopping Mall

  • Shopping Plaza

  • Smoke Shop